Was 911 an Inside Job or Just a Dumb Conspiracy

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I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post on this topic as even now it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. However, I know it’s a popular topic that many of my viewers are interested in and as a skeptic I felt it was my duty to address it.

While I know not everyone is going to agree with my theories, I can’t help but believe that 911 was an inside job. For many years I didn’t think this way as I felt it was much too serious of tragedy to fake, but now I’m beginning to come around.

When I started my research on 911 I simply watched videos online like many others do, and I have to admit I was pretty fascinated. Everyone has different theories on what they thought happened but a few common theories continuously pop up.

Before I begin discussing these theories though I recommend you watch the video below.

The reason I chose to show you this video is because Shane Dawson is not actually a conspiracy theorist at all so it gives the video a little more credibility. While this video is far from proof that 911 was an inside job, it does prove (to me at least) that there is some weird stuff going on that someone needs to explain.


Popular 911 Conspiracy Theories

Now I can’t say for sure that any of these theories are actually true, but I do believe there was a lot of weird stuff going down on that day that just doesn’t seem to add up. All I ask is for you to hear out these conspiracy theories and decide for yourself what you think happened. Don’t forget to do research of you own as well of course.


Flight 93

If you’ve never heard of Flight 93 then you may want to go watch the movie as it’s definitely an interesting story to tell. The problem with the story of flight 93 though was that there was hardly any debris found whatsoever. Many people even believe that another plane was sent there to crash as the actual people on the plane fought back and survived. Unfortunately, if this story is true then the survivors had to have been executed to keep the story from rising up.


Weird Cell Phone Calls

Another weird thing that happened on 9/11 was many of the passengers on the plane actually called home using their cell phones. The only problem with this happening is that using a cell phone on the plane (especially in 2001) was virtually impossible. In addition, many of the passengers stated their full name to their parents when they called home.


Towers Fell in Typical Demolition Fashion

Anyone who watches video evidence of the towers collapsing can’t deny that it appears as if bombs are going off as the towers fall. Many people who were in the tower even report hearing bombs and even lifting off the ground itself due to the force of the explosion.


Curious Insider Trading

Right before 9/11 took place a large amount of put options were placed on United Airlines and American Airlines stock. This is quite strange as these are the exact same airplane companies that were hijacked during the attacks on 9/11. Evidence found that even Osama bin Laden was a suspect in this stock market fraud as well.


Bush’s Reaction

When asked at an event how George W. Bush felt when he initially heard of the planes hitting the towers and he had an awfully strange response. He told the child who asked the question that he actually watched the first tower get hit by a plane on a TV nearby while in a classroom.

What’s wrong with this story is that when the first plane crashed into the tower nobody was reporting on the event because it just happened. It was not until many hours later that the footage of the event taking place was actually brought to a news station to be shown.


Large Jewish Absence

Before I explain this theory let me just say that I have no problem with the Jewish community – at all. However, there’s no denying that there was a large absence of over 4000 Jewish employees on the day of 9/11. Not to mention, the footage of 9/11 taking place was actually taken by a Jewish man as well that just happened to be filming the towers when the first plane crashed.


Building 7

What happened to building 7 was one of the more bizarre events of 9/11. This is because building seven fell down even though it wasn’t hit by a plane. This wouldn’t be that weird if it wasn’t for the fact that building seven is a quite a distance away from the other two towers.

Media has tried to explain that it fell down due to debris crashing into building 7 from the other two buildings, but the only problem I have with this theory is that many other buildings have caught aflame before and never collapsed in a similar fashion.


Evidence of Thermite

The last conspiracy I want to mention is that there was evidence of thermite left over at Ground Zero. I’m not a scientist some I’m not going to try to explain the evidence but just do your research and see for yourself.

Maybe I’m wrong and 9/11 wasn’t an inside job at all, but you have to admit that something seems a little odd about the whole situation. If you have any other popular conspiracy theories don’t be afraid to go our contact page and let us know!

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