My Personal Experience with Ghosts and Why I Believe They Exist

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Hey it’s the skeptic dad here and today I’m going to tell you a story about my encounter with ghosts when I was younger and why believe they actually exist. Now I’m sure many of you aren’t going to believe my story and that’s okay, the experiences I’ve had may not be proof for anyone else – but it was definitely proof enough for me. Millions of other people around the world have also had ghost experiences of their own so there’s definitely something going on beyond our normal set of senses, or maybe were all just crazy. Who knows?


My Super Scary Ghost Story

Okay I guess I should first give you a little back story of what led me to my first ghost encounter so you don’t get lost during the story. To begin with, my friend Josh and I just graduated high school and we were going on a family trip with his parents up to his uncle’s cabin in Tennessee. On the way up to the cabin Josh’s parents (mainly his dad) kept telling us about a ghost they believed resided in the cabin.

At first I figured he was just trying to pull our legs and try to scare us one night with the whole ghost thing, but surprisingly I was wrong. The first few nights we slept there nothing actually ever happened. We went to bed every night trying to talk to the ghost and get her to come out but she never would. On around the fourth night however, everything changed.

We stayed up watching TV in the living room late at night and eventually Josh fell asleep on the couch. I tried to wake him up to tell him to go to sleep in the room but he wouldn’t budge and just kept mumbling so I left him alone. After laying on the bed for a few minutes with my head facing away from the door, I eventually started to hear footsteps coming towards the room. I thought it was Josh at first so I didn’t move but then the footsteps stopped at the door.

I gave it a couple seconds and then I turned around to see what he was doing but nobody was there. I instantly got up and ran to the door to see if maybe he was hiding in the bathroom or in the closet nearby. After frantically looking around I realized that nobody was there so I went to the couch and seen Josh still fast asleep. All of a sudden it hit me that I was looking around in the pitch black dark for Josh when he wasn’t there at all.

Chills started to go down my spine but as I stood there but I attempted think things through and see if maybe him or his dad was trying to pull a fast one on me. I tried waking Josh up to see if maybe he would smile or something but there was no doubt that he was definitely still sleeping. Once I finally woke him up though I began to tell him my story and we started trying to figure out if maybe it was his dad.

The more I thought about it though it would have been impossible for his dad to trick me with footsteps because I got up so fast that he would’ve had to ran all the way to the room on the other side of the cabin just to keep me from seeing him. The only problem with that is the cabin is made out of wood so you can easily hear when anyone is walking in the house – making it impossible for him to get back to the room without being heard. Especially when you consider the fact that Josh’s dad easily weighs over 200 pounds and isn’t the most agile of human beings.


So Are Ghosts Real?

Well I have to say that after having this experience I definitely feel there is more to life than what we can see with our own eyes. Even though I might not have definite proof that ghosts exist, I can definitely say that something was in that log cabin making footsteps that wasn’t a human being.

Even though I may be the skeptic dad I can truthfully say that I believe ghosts exists. Hopefully you will have some form of ghost experience in your life as well as it can definitely open up your eyes to the world around us.

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