Why It Would Be Impossible For Aliens Not To Exist

By / December 31, 2016 / Paranormal

Ever since I was a little kid I’ve always been fascinated with space. Knowing that we live in a world that is a part of a limitless and ever-expanding universe is just absolutely mind blowing.

Me and my friend Nick would even get on his roof at night and just look up at the stars for hours on end wondering what was up there. We would look at a single star for what would seem like an hour until our minds would eventually begin to play tricks on us and we would think the star was actually moving.

Of course, now that I’m older I don’t quite have the imagination that I used too, but to this day I’m still fascinated with space and I’ve never stop believing that there is more life in the universe than just us. After all, how could this planet be the only one that harbors life when there is literally more plants in space than are grains of sand on Earth. If the sheer thought of that doesn’t begin to overwhelm you with euphoria then this may not be the article for you.

Now, I’m not going to pretend that I’m an expert on aliens or anything, but I definitely don’t believe that Earth is the only planet with life. Even in the past few years NASA has begun to find planets that may be suitable for life in our very own solar system. Now, if you could only imagine what NASA could find if we had better technology.

Instead of wasting too much time trying to convince you that aliens exist I’ll just let you watch this interesting video that my son showed me the other day. While I know that this video is in no way proof that aliens exist, you should still watch it as it can really open your mind to the possibility of what’s out there. Plus I just thought the video was nicely put together.

What I found most interesting about the video though is just how massive the universe actually is. Even if we really are the only lifeform in the universe that is truly intelligent, there’s no way that there isn’t plenty of other animals out there in the universe such as the kind you can already find on our planet. This brings up an interesting question about alien life though, which is what do they look like?

This is something I’ve pondered on for many years now and sadly I don’t believe I will ever have an answer in my lifetime. With so many different types of animals just on this planet alone, who knows what other (much bigger) planets could have roaming around. Then not only do you have to think about the animals that are currently alive on this planet, but also all the animals that have already gone extinct.

Maybe other planets have animals just like the dinosaurs were used to have, or maybe their planet is so small that whatever life is on it is no bigger than our insects. With so many questions and so little answers the subject will probably trouble my mind for the rest of my days. Thankfully, I actually find aliens to be extremely interesting and I wish I was much smarter so I could become an astronaut to further my search for alien lifeforms.

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