How Green Coffee Bean Extract Helped My Wife Lose Weight

By / December 24, 2016 / Health

Lately my wife has been working extra hard trying to lose weight to prepare for the cruise we’re going on next summer. Since she’s began her weight loss journey she’s already got a new gym membership, bought a rebounder, and has even started a new habit of taking green coffee bean extract.

She first heard of this so-called “miracle supplement” on the Dr. Oz the show a few years ago, but never actually bought any because at the time she was still fairly thin – remember this was before the birth of our new child.

In all honesty, I’m not quite so sure if I believe Dr. Oz as it seems is always try to sell some product or another. However, I’ve noticed that my wife gets mad when I tell her stuff doesn’t work so nowadays I just let her do whatever makes her happy. While green coffee bean extract may not give her the results she’s after, at least she can feel like she’s making progress towards losing weight.


Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Work?

Well my wife just got through with taking her first bottle of green coffee bean extract and I have to say the results are actually a little optimistic. The only reason I say that is because it did seem like she lost a little more weight over the past month than she has over the previous months before.

I’m definitely still a little skeptic though, as it almost seemed she tried harder over the past month as well. Part of me believes that by taking the green coffee bean extract she actually felt more involved in the process of losing weight.

It reminds me of the phenomenon that I first noticed back in my bodybuilder days when I would take vitamins with every meal. Because I knew I would be taking a vitamin after I ate, I wouldn’t want to eat anything that was too unhealthy as it felt like I was undermining the vitamin. Yeah this may be a little confusing at first, but have you ever noticed that after you’ve been to the gym you don’t want to go and eat something unhealthy such as fast food?

In a weird way I feel as if a similar thing is happening when my wife takes the green coffee bean extract. By taking it first thing in the morning after breakfast she has started a ritual where every day begins with thinking about weight loss.

Before she started taking the green coffee bean extract she would normally start the day by eating something fairly unhealthy such as chocolate cereal. Now she would rather start her day off by eating a fat-free Greek yogurt or drinking a fruit smoothie.


Would I Recommend Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Whether you buy green coffee bean extract or not is completely up to you and if you believe it will help you in your journey of losing weight. While my wife may already have her second bottle on the way, I would recommend trying just one bottle to start with and seeing if it helps. If the green coffee bean extract doesn’t do anything at least you won’t have wasted a lot of money in the process. If it does work then that’s great as well.

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