Are Trampolines Too Dangerous for Your Kids?

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about buying a trampoline for the kids, but I can tell that my wife doesn’t seem to be overly thrilled about the idea. The problem is she’s watched one too many horror stories on the news about kids getting injured on the trampoline, and now she believes that our kids are going to get hurt if we get one.

In an attempt to prove her wrong, I started doing some research of my own online. Unfortunately, all the evidence I found was proving my wife to be right. In a 9 year span between the years 2002 to 2011, over a million kids have visited the hospital after getting hurt on a trampoline. Out of all those visits there was over 250,000 kids that either broke or fractured a bone of some kind.


Should You Avoid Buying a Trampoline?

Now, I’m not saying that trampolines aren’t dangerous, but I personally think it’s a little silly to avoid buying one just because you’re afraid of your kids getting hurt. In my experience, it’s the very act of shielding your kids constantly from danger that causes them to end up getting badly injured in the long run.

To further explain my theory I’ll tell you a story from when I was a kid. My parents bought me and my brothers a trampoline when I was around ten years old, and we absolutely loved it! We jumped on it virtually every day and we even bought another trampoline when the first one broke down. After having a trampoline in our backyard for over five years only one person was ever injured and that was my little brother.

To be fair though, the only reason he broke his arm was because some hefty kid from down the street fell on his arm weird. However, I definitely have been hurt myself and watched other kids get hurt pretty badly as well. When I got hurt, it was simply because we didn’t have a safety net and I fell off the trampoline onto a chair that we are using for a ladder (don’t make this mistake). I didn’t get injured though (surprisingly) but it did hurt pretty badly at the time.

What was even worse though was when one of my little brother’s friends was jumping on the trampoline and he got “boosted” in the air by some big kids (including myself) and he hurt his back. The only reason he got hurt though was because his parents were always afraid of letting him do anything so when he finally got a chance to jump on a trampoline his back was too weak to handle the force of the bounce.

Now, I know some parents are going to disagree with me and say we probably bounced him too hard into the air, but I definitely remember going easy on him because of how small he was. Even with going easy though his back was just too weak to be able to handle it.

Fortunately, even though the kid got hurt he wasn’t injured at all, but he definitely avoided the trampoline from that point on. To make a point of my story, I’m glad that my parents bought us a trampoline because it allowed us to develop and strengthen your muscles by jumping on it every day. It also helped increase our hand-eye coordination and made us pretty active as well.

Before our parents bought us the trampoline we honestly would sit in front of the TV and play video games all day. While we still played video games a lot, at least we would go out and spend a couple hours each day playing on the trampoline and having fun. The cool thing about trampolines though is you don’t just have to jump up and down on them either. You can play a wide variety of games such as dodgeball, popcorn and zombies (look it up). On a hot day you can even spray some water on the trampoline, or better yet get a sprinkler and set it by the trampoline to have some serious fun.


Tips for Keeping Your Children Safe

When we were kids our trampoline never had a safety net, but if it did it would have definitely been a lot safer. Now though there’s a particular trampoline company that manufactures trampolines that are much safer than all the rest. This brand is known as Springfree, and they have completely revolutionized the trampoline industry by creating the safest trampoline ever made.

Instead of using dangerous metal springs, Springfree trampolines use a special composite fiberglass rod that is angled below the edge of the mat. This means that when jumping on the edge of the trampoline there are absolutely no metal springs that you can injure yourself on. When I found this out I instantly showed my wife and I have to say she was pretty impressed.

Any downsides? Well, I do have to say that this trampoline is pretty expensive, and unfortunately at the moment is out of my reach. Hopefully by next Christmas though I can afford to buy one for me and my family. Noticed how I didn’t say kids? Well, the cool thing about Springfree trampolines is that they come with the new tgoma digital game system that allows you to play games on a tablet attached to the side of the safety net.

Is not the games that I am impressed with though, but instead the tgoma fitness app that teaches you exercises you can do on a trampoline. On top of teaching exercises to do, there are also a multitude of workout routines you can do to lose weight. What’s really impressive though is tgoma keeps track of your total calories burned and even the number of bounces you take. You can track this information over time and even compete against your family and other people around the world.

So while trampolines may be dangerous for kids, you can always get a Springfree trampoline and eliminate 99% of the injuries that are the most common to happen. Sure, your kids can still get injured like my brother if someone falls on them or if they land in a weird position, but I wouldn’t let this hold you back from buying a trampoline. If the price is too steep you can always consider other models, but just be aware that there is always a chance of injury.

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