• are trampolines dangerous

    Are Trampolines Too Dangerous for Your Kids?

    By / January 29, 2017 / Health

    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about buying a trampoline for the kids, but I can tell that my wife doesn’t seem to be overly thrilled about the idea. The problem is she’s watched one too many horror stories on the news about kids getting injured on the trampoline, and now she believes that our… [read more]

  • benefits of cryotherapy

    Benefits of Cryotherapy and How I Felt About It

    By / January 11, 2017 / Health

    After celebrities such as Tony Robbins, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lebron James all began endorsing cryotherapy, it seems that everyone else is lining up to give it a shot as well. So what is cryotherapy? Well, technically, cryotherapy is simply using extremely low temperatures to heal the body is some form of way. This means that… [read more]

  • does green coffee bean extract work

    How Green Coffee Bean Extract Helped My Wife Lose Weight

    By / December 24, 2016 / Health

    Lately my wife has been working extra hard trying to lose weight to prepare for the cruise we’re going on next summer. Since she’s began her weight loss journey she’s already got a new gym membership, bought a rebounder, and has even started a new habit of taking green coffee bean extract. She first heard… [read more]

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